Shrek eyes

I had a migraine today and am now enjoying the postdrome phase (i.e. “migraine hangover). And by enjoying, I mean I hate my life. Okay, I don’t hate my life, but my migraine ruined what was supposed to be a fun day. Migraines make me feel wiped out and exhausted afterward, but the caffeine in my medication leaves me jittery at the same time. I’ve spent most of the evening slurring my words and rambling incoherently about the $700 billion bailout, Taiwanese American identity politics and why I find Civilization IV’s soundtrack problematic. Fortunately my lovely husband found everything I had to say absolutely fascinating. That is why I married him, among myriad other reasons.

Stretchy George
Curious George

In lieu of a proper Thankful Friday post, I’ll just make you look at more photos of our crazy cat. Ron and I are both very thankful for this little nutter. Every day one of us says to the other, “Aren’t you glad I spotted George on the street?” And then we have an argument about who was the first person to actually lay eyes on George (for the record, it was me. And Taroko George meowed at me first, too).

Meester George

Taroko George is definitely turning into a tomcat now; compare these pics with photos I took of him as a little 10-week old kitten. As you might remember, Taroko George was 尿尿-ing last week in places where we didn’t want his 尿尿. The vet ruled out a health problem, so we were left with two possibilities: a) our cat hates us or b) our cat hates his cat litter. I think it was the latter, because we’d recently switched from Fresh Step to Arm & Hammer on the advice of some of our other kitty-loving friends. We switched back and — voila! — no more random peeing (knock on wood). Good grief, is Taroko George fussy. Ron and I had been planning to find a Taiwanese-made kitty litter to save money (and reduce our carbon pawprint), but it doesn’t seem like Taroko George is going to let that happen. What an unpatriotic little cat.

Taroko George looking melancholy

I think this post will make my parents happy, as they often ask after Taroko George. In fact, I got an e-mail the other day from my Mom after telling her that we were taking him to the vet. The subject line was: “How is George doing?” My parents love their little grandcat.