Behold, my last batch of Digital Harinezumi photos from Singapore (here is an additional group on my other blog, The Renegade Bean)! I also have some Digihari video clips that I am planning to edit together. For those of you who are planning to buy a Digihari and don’t know whether to get generation 1 or generation 2, I recommend the first, which is the one I own. I think the colors and unintentional light effects you get with it are more interesting. In Taiwan, you can purchase this camera at Eslite (in their stationary stores), Page One (I think) or Big Camera across from the Shilin MRT.

Poster outside of Sri Veeramakaliamman Temple
From a poster outside of Sri Veeramakaliamman Temple

Outside of Sri Veeramakaliamman Temple Faded sign for vegetarian restaurant

Another installation at Red Dot
An installation at the Red Dot Design Museum

Light installation

Tupperware canopy
A canopy of Tupperware at the Red Dot Design Museum


Red Dot Design Museum's Tupperware homage
Looking at this Tupperware reminds me we have to clean out the fridge (shudder).

Mail boxes at Red Dot Traffic Building
After this, I’ll be back to my regular prattling about Taipei. I’ve been a bit quiet on this blog and, truth be told, it’s because I’ve had a stressful couple of weeks since coming back from Singapore. I turned myself into a complete nervous wreck over a doctor’s visit. Fortunately, everything went off better than I thought it would. The moral of the story is: if you are going to freak out, don’t eat a lot of Mrs. Field’s chewy milk chocolate chip cookies. You’ll be sorry afterward, especially when it starts raining like crazy and your usual running track turns into a giant, unnavigable muddy puddle. I actually like running in the rain, but there is a difference between running and wading and I’m afraid Mrs. Field’s will be staying with me for a little longer.