Happy (late) Earth Day. I’m sorry for not posting this earlier, but I figured that some of you late night blog readers who are wondering what you can do tomorrow morning will be glad to hear of Operation Reduce CO2, which will take place at the Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall’s Liberty Square tomorrow at 9:30AM. The different environmental groups that organized the event hope at least 800 people will show up to form this:

Despite its small geographical size, Taiwan’s carbon output is far higher than the global average. For more information about this issue, Operation Reduce CO2 and other activities to celebrate the 40th anniversary of Earth Day, please check out my article.

Over the past few months, I’ve profiled several stores and companies that have “green” philosophies, including a secondhand clothing chain and boutiques that carry organic and fair trade goods. I’ll start posting about them here soon. I know that one of the best ways to reduce your carbon footprint is to not shop, but I think it is also important to support locally-run companies that promote an alternative to mass-manufactured items and overpriced designer stuff.

I’m celebrating Earth Day weekend by staying at home and working, with plenty of breaks to tend to my psychotic cat. I used to work in cafes a few times a week, but I’ve stopped because it’s a big money suck to spend NT$150 to NT$200 on a glass of iced tea. And, frankly, Taroko George has psychologically manipulated me to the point where I feel guilty for leaving him alone. I mentioned to some of my friends recently that I’m afraid that my blog will turn into the Taroko George blog, but they said they love reading about cat antics. Oh joy! It helps that most of my friends have fur buddies of their own.

When we first adopted Taroko George and were faced with the mountain of crap we suddenly had to buy for him (remember, Taroko George came into our lives as a sweet surprise from a couple of cat-abandoning rapscallions), Ron and I looked up articles on which pets are the most “eco-friendly.” What we found out was that dogs leave a smaller carbon paw print in large part because they don’t require tons and tons of kitty litter.

I do think, however, that Taroko George does his part to save the earth by occupying so much of my free time. Because I spend so much time trying to entertain him and keep him from destroying my worldly possessions with his claws of doom, it leaves me with very little time to go out and buy truckloads of imported magazines, one of my favorite hobbies. We also don’t own an electricity sucking television. This is partly because Taroko George is so very entertaining and partly because we’re afraid that if we buy a flat panel screen, Crazy T will knock it down. Like most cats, he’s very good at sensing when something is both delicate and expensive.

Anyway, my point is, my cat is evil, but he’s also a good cat. He does stuff like try to reduce his carbon paw print by peeing on our comforters instead of in his litter (he is no longer allowed in our bedroom). The orange patches on his fur also look like Pangaea. I bet if he could get to a tree, he’d hug it, before climbing up it and tearing all its bark off.