Sleepy George

One of the nice things about our apartment is that the living room has large picture windows along one wall that run from ceiling to floor. I like to perch in front of them with Taroko George and spy on our neighbor’s cats. Their living arrangement is really weird. Basically, Neighbor Lady (鄰居小姐) keeps the two of them in the stairwell of her building, where they run up and down all day. The two black-and-white kitties (I’ve named them Piebald I and Piebald II) are also allowed in the apartment on the top floor; they peer out at me through the windows. I think their human might own the entire building, because the other apartments appear to be unoccupied. I bet she was all like “I’m so rich, I don’t need rental income from this empty apartment building in a student neighborhood! I’ll just give my cats free run of the place! Hee!”

The other nice thing about the windows is they are not soundproof and I get to listen to everything that goes on around my block. Someone recently started recorder lessons and has been tooting “Oh Susannah” all afternoon long. Another family purchased a Wii. One dude walks down the street around 3PM, humming to himself or burping melodically. It’s all very bucolic, in an urban sort of way.

Lazy Saturday afternoon

Last Saturday was a sunny day and Ron decided to spend the afternoon with Taroko George on the sofa, basking in the rays without actually stepping out and getting mowed down by a herd of mosquitoes. (Ron says they only come out at night. Ha!).

Lump of cat

You can’t tell from these photos, but Taroko George has undergone a growth spurt recently. He is well on his way to becoming a Grade-A Fatty.

Suspicious George

In Taiwan, a lot of pet supply stores import most of their merchandise from Japan, the US or Europe (with a few domestic items). I’ve been told that this is because Taiwanese pet owners are wary of items made in China and associate Japanese/American/European brands with quality and safety. Of course, just because something isn’t labeled “made in China” doesn’t mean it wasn’t manufactured with components or ingredients that were. So I really think the best way to ensure your pet’s safety is to test everything on yourself. Not sure about that new brand of kitty kibble? Eat it yourself! Wondering about the catnip mice? Chew on it! Leery of that flea repellent? Spritz it in your face!

L'il paw

After all, it’s the least you can do for your little velvet paws.