The level of blabbage has been down around these parts and that is because it has been a stressful couple of months for me. I’ve been dealing with a health issue and health issues related to that health issue (it’s like a daisy chain of annoying), which has affected my productivity and willingness to do anything other than use my cat as a neck pillow. But a few cool things have happened in the interim, despite my feeling sluggish. I paid my taxes (yay) and Ron and I celebrated our first wedding anniversary (yay!) yesterday.

I’m going to catch up soon with some things I’ve been meaning to blog about, but in the meantime, I present one of my favorite photos in the world. It always cheers me up. It is Taiwanese American super-hottie Van Ness Wu (吳建豪) dressed up in a leather suit, sporting a buzz cut and carrying a Bible. This was back in February, when one of his underlings at a production company he co-owns was charged with marijuana possession. Wu and the other owner appeared at a press conference to say they had nothing to do with the nefarious weed; Wu, a Christian, trucked along the Good Book to drive home the fact that he’s not a stoner. Which I don’t understand, by the way. It’s not like there aren’t devout Christians who toke up every chance they get. Anyway, check out Wu’s lapels! Those cheekbones! That smoldering glare. Marrrreow.