I just noticed that it’s been three whole weeks since I last posted photos of Taroko George and I’m sure all of you TG fans are wondering what the fat furry bastard has been up to. We were supposed to schedule an appointment to get the poor cat neutered, but thanks to the fact that Ron’s working overtime this week, Chubbycake’s privy parts have gotten a temporary reprieve. Both of us have to accompany him to the vet because it’s a bit hard for only one person to hold him down while the doctor examines him and administers vaccinations.


Crazy G is very fussy — he hisses at the vet’s cats, growls at the vet and does stuff like jump onto Ron’s shoulder and dig his claws into Ron’s clothing (and skin…) so we have to struggle to pull him off, paw by paw. He did this once while we were trying to stuff him back into his carrier. The three of us were standing in front of a window at the time and, boy, did a crowd gather to watch.


When we are at home, however, Taroko George spends most of his time loafing around in a big, round lump of fur. Or he sits on us. He used to lick our noses a lot, but he’s given that up. I’m not sure why. I’m pretty sure our noses taste the same as they did when we first got George back in October.

It may seem from the photos I post that George loves Ron the most. That’s not true. I just happen to be the one who likes photographing things. I also serve cat pillow duty quite often.

Photo 92

Photo 80

There are a lot of kitties in our neighborhood and Georgie enjoys sitting in front of our windows, yowling at them (they don’t yowl back, thank goodness). There are also a lot of babies and toddlers around and I swear that he’s been learning whining techniques from them. When I am in another room and hear high-pitched wailing, I often can’t tell if it’s my cat or the kid across the way.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this latest Taroko George update!