One of my favorite things to do on rainy Sundays is flip through the photos I’ve taken during my nearly three years in Taiwan. Well, that’s actually not my favorite thing to do. Cursing the weather and waiting for it to stop raining is. Anyway, I recently rediscovered this photo of one of my favorite treats from 7-Eleven, which Ron and I dubbed the Sponge Cake of Sexual Harassment.

I don’t usually think Engrish is funny and watching people laugh at it gets old after a while (a lot of the pleasure certain people seem to derive from Engrish just smacks of “Hahaha, look at the little yellow people try to speak English. Hahahahaha!”). But I think this packaging stands out because it is just so schmexy. It may not be grammatically correct — or make any sense for that matter — but it nonetheless captures the essence of that decadent sponge cake (mmm… preservatives…). The phrasing is like a poem, with a musical language of its own. The words seem to leap out at you from the shelf, trying to make you feel moistured for the good portion of its shallow plate shaped body. I wonder if any of my attempts at written Chinese have ever sounded so… intriguing.

Unfortunately (or not) 7-Eleven has changed the packaging of the sponge cake. Actually, I’m not sure if they even have it anymore. Unlike 7-Elevens in the US, 7-Elevens in Taiwan are constantly renewing their stock. Or maybe… the sensual power of the sponge cake body was just too much for them to handle.