I‘m sorry for my recent lapse in posts. Ron had some time off and we’d fantasized about day trips to the beach and so forth, but the weather put a (very soggy) dent in our plans to have fun together. Our excitement was limited to the fact that our darling cat, Taroko George, just got a very important operation (結扎, jié​zā​). Isn’t it weird how getting your testicles surgically removed is a rite of passage into manhood for domesticated tomcats? I hope the companionship of Frankengeorge, who I made from a kit bought at Hands Tailung and some of Taroko George’s own fur, will help soothe Real George.

George was listless and shy for a few days after the operation and I was worried that his personality had been excised along with his privy parts. But he’s made a full recovery and is now back to his whiny, bite-y, roly-poly self. He still has to wear an Elizabethan collar for a couple days, but I think he looks very elegant in it.

Poor George

Don’t worry about the 1,000 yard stare… George is usually much perkier and alert than pictured. He just happened to be waking up from an afternoon nap on top of Ron. When we first brought him home after the operation, George was still hopped up on anesthetic. We had to keep him in his carrier until he’d calmed down enough.

We’d read that male cats become more calm and affectionate after neutering. That sounded too good to be true (and our cat’s already pretty friendly to begin with), but George has spent much of the past week and a half in our laps, kneading our belly fat and laying his head against our chests. Granted, this might be because he needs us to scratch behind his ears since he has that collar on, but I like to think it’s because he is a loving cat.

He still has to wear the collar for a couple of days, but I think George has gotten used to it. He uses it to open doors and knock things out of his way. The other day, he railroaded a stack of books and CDs off of Ron’s desk. I cheered. You know a sign of intelligence in animals is their ability to use tools?