Hong Kong designer Fion Ko's La Petite Mu Mu
La Petite Mu Mu by Hong Kong designer Fion Ko

I can’t believe it’s taken me two and a half weeks to post pictures from this year’s Taipei Toy Festival! This is my third year reporting on it (here is my article in PDF form) and I’m already familiar with lot of the repeat exhibitors and their work — but I just can’t get over my geeky joy every year TTF rolls around. The urban vinyl scene originated in Asia (Hong Kong to be exact) and it truly makes plastic-scented tears of joy roll from my eyes to know that the largest event dedicated to designer toys takes place in the city where I live.

Hungry pineapple by Chong Xin (蟲心)
Pineapple by Chong Xin (蟲心), who created an entire series of figures based on fruits and vegetables grown in Taiwan.

Banana Virus' tiger
A tiger in disguise by Banana Virus

Customized CiBoys
Customized CiBoys

大象 by Ziv of Half Dozen (半打)
Elephant (大象) by Ziv of Half Dozen (半打

Biggest figure ever at StayReal
StayReal‘s giant figures

Stimpy Bearbrick!
Stimpy Bearbrick!

Danke Schoen's bear rainbow
Danke Schoen’s rainbow bears

Albert Einstein by How2work
Albert Einstein figure at How2work