Lamp fixture (Mothers' Design)
Lighting fixture “knotted” from electric cords

Last Friday, I went over to Huashan 1914 Creative Park (華山文化創意園區) for the opening day of this year’s Taiwan Designers’ Week (台灣設計師週). Now in its fourth year, the event, which runs until Friday (Sept. 12) gives designers a platform for independent projects.

Lamp at Artechnica
Artecnica lamp

Heels for the Strawberry Generation (Facing the Mirror)
My favorite items include the ones that reference Taiwanese history or culture. These sandals, designed by Tatung University (大同大學) graduate student Eric Cheng (鄭宇庭), satirize the labeling of his peers (Taiwanese born between 1981 and 1991) as the fragile “Strawberry Generation.”

Recycled tin and plastic bustier (Reincarnation 3 - Natural)
Bustier and mask made from recycled cans and soda bottles

Seat (Less of Everything)
Seat carved from recycled wood gathered in Pingtung County. The pegs in the middle are removable… look, the heart has a smiley face!

Bottle caps (Reincarnation 3 - Natura)
Bottle cap from a series made with vintage toys

Paper necklace
Necklace cut from tissue paper

Iron (Invisible)
Cordless iron

Woven fan (Potential 50)
Fan woven from dried boat orchid stalks and leaves. It smells nice and summery.

Cake-shaped erasers
Erasers shaped like chicken egg cakes (雞蛋糕). Looks like Mr. Hog has run out of luck!

Part of a fast food packaging set featuring caricatures of Chiang Kai-shek and Mao Zedong

Grass (Reincarnation 3 - Natural)

Cud. It does a body good.

Table (Less of Everything)
Side table made from driftwood

Luggage and umbrella from papercutting exhibit
Luggage and umbrella covered with traditional paper cutting motifs symbolizing prosperity and wedded bliss

Pencils (Love Feast)
Pencils featured as part of “Love Feast,” a group exhibit by Christian designers

Orange bag (Mothers' Design)
A carrier for oranges and other round fruit, part of Mothers’ Design, featuring joint creations by designers and their moms

Imperial Napkin (Copycat)
Imperial napkins

Pitcher/toothpick holder
Pitcher and chopstick holder

Lace lampshades (Reincarnation 3 - Natural)
Lamp-lit lace

For more about Taiwan Designers’ Week, check out its Web site and my article. There will be a Design Bazaar this weekend, with nearly 30 booths set up by indie designers. I’m looking forward to checking it out and I hope it doesn’t rain, because Huashan 1914 is also a fun place to walk around.