Tweedledee and Tweedleroooaaarrr!
I call this pair Tweedledee and Tweedlerrrraaaaawwwwwrrr!!!

I recently fulfilled a photographic dream of mine and purchased a vintage Rolleicord Vb camera. Oh yes, many was the night I would cry myself to sleep, sniffing “O! If only I had a vintage twin lens reflex camera, than my life would be complete.”

While taking my first roll, I kept fretting that I was doing something wrong or that my camera wouldn’t work. My photos didn’t come out black, but most did come out underexposed and foggy. I guessed or used my digital camera to measure the light, but now I am wondering if I should cough up the cash and buy a proper light meter. Before I run off to the camera store, however, I’m going to take a closer look at this article.

Here are some photos from around Taipei, tweaked in iPhoto.

My favorite street
One of my favorite lanes

Groovy concrete
I love how someone took the time to decorate this concrete wall

Taroko George conquers Ron
Taroko George

Arc of splatters
Arc of splatters

Cat rump
Local fatty hides from my adoration under a moped

Though my first roll of film was not completely successful, I still had a great time experimenting with my Rolleicord. Looking down at the viewfinder, turning the knob and seeing an image slowly come into focus is very meditative. It’s relaxing even if you are simultaneously trying to avoid a swarm of mosquitoes coming out of a sewer, being blinded by the sun bouncing off a metal garage door and some jackanape who seems intent on mowing you down with his or her scooter.

If you are also a fan of square format and toy camera photography and want to know where to get 120 film processed, check out Fuxin (福馨) at 384 Bade Rd Sec. 2 (台北市八德路2段384號, tel: (02) 8771-8600). The folks at Lomography Taiwan recommended them to me because they are used to dealing with rarer film formats and the quirky visual results you get with toy cameras.