I keep promising myself that I’ll post more regularly on this blog, but time keeps slipping by me. I can’t believe it’s been more than two weeks since my last post! It’s not that I don’t see a lot of interesting things to write about. Life in Taipei is an overflowing cornucopia of interestingness!


Or maybe I should say an overflowing cornucopia of brides. I have no idea what these women were up to because I rushing on my way to take some outdoor photographs for work before the skies opened up and started spitting rain on me (it may look sunny in these pictures, but Taiwan weather is extremely labile). At first I thought they were members of a cosplay group, but cosplayers usually look a bit happier.

The brides were waiting their turn for an interview with an Era News (年代新聞) reporter, who was talking to the Power Rangers. Unfortunately my searches for the clip on the Era News Web site haven’t been successful so far.

Strike a pose!


It’s always thrilling to see men in unitards.

This reminds me that my favorite holiday is coming up! I’ll be in California visiting my family over Halloween. It’s been such a long time since I trick or treated. Of course, I’m now too old to walk around asking for candy without potentially getting myself arrested, but I’m looking forward to hurling candy at the neighborhood youngsters. Whatever I wear, it will involve fake blood and chunks of pasta covered in yet more fake blood to look like brains. I hope I look so gross that I send trick or treaters running for cover, which of course would mean more candy for me. If you will be in Taipei for Halloween and need a costume, try checking out the costume rental shops in Ximending. They are all inexpensive and have impressive selections. I saw a particularly fetching plush ear-of-corn costume in one shop. If I weren’t going on vacation, I’d totally rent it. And cover it with blood. Mmm… bloody corn.