Zeni's, San Jose
Cinnamon tea at Zeni’s

Before I flew back to California this time, I made a very complete list of stuff I wanted to buy (like cotton full-size quilt batting, which I can’t find in Taipei… everything is polyester) and what I wanted to eat. That list included Ethiopian food. Oooh man, I love Ethiopian food. There’s nothing like it in Taipei and I can’t really recreate it at home.

My favorite Ethiopian restaurant in the South Bay Area is Zeni in San Jose. They are really generous with their injera bread.

Zeni's, San Jose
Zeni’s vegetarian platter
Zeni, San Jose

On our way down to Los Angeles, my parents and I stopped at a Carl’s Jr, where I ordered fried zucchini and house sauce, which is basically just watered down ranch sauce. I do like fried zucchini, though. Does anyone else? I mean, I’m the only person I know besides my Dad who voluntarily eats at Arby’s.

Carl Jr's, Some Random Rest Stop

In Santa Monica, my family and I eschewed the original Hot Dog On a Stick for lunch at The Lobster. It was such a wonderful lunch… the sun was out, we had a table with a gorgeous ocean view and my brother doesn’t like raw oysters so I got an extra one.

The Lobster, Santa Monica
The Lobster, Santa Monica
The Lobster, Santa Monica

Later that evening we went to Sushi Gen, where I only managed to get a (semi-)clear photo of my Mom’s chirashi.

Sushi Gen, LA

While in San Francisco, I met up with my friend Priya and her husband at Gracia Madre, a vegetarian Mexican restaurant. Check out my enchiladas!

Gracias Madres, SF

And… that’s it. Shucks, I thought I had more photos than that. We also met up with family friends at Foreign Cinema in the Mission District, but I forgot to take photos of my food. Oops! I also forgot to take photos of my Mom’s cooking. My Mom is such a good cook. Everything she makes comes out picture perfect. And when she cooks veggies in a wok, nothing bursts into flame. Wow! I wish I could do that.

I hope you’ve enjoyed my California posts! I’ll recommence my regular yappage about life in Taipei shortly. Thanks for reading!