I'm thankful for my kitty

Happy Thanksgiving! Or as I like to say, “Happy Misgivings!” Seriously, though, I have a lot to be grateful for. I am thankful for my gorgeous cat, the lovely Taroko George. He’s so sweet and affectionate when he’s not trying to disembowel us. I think Ron and I really got lucky, considering that we picked him off the street and all. He could have turned out to be a vampire cat! You know, you have to let the right one in. As it turns out, Taroko George doesn’t drink our blood. He just likes spilling it. No, really, I adore him. He brings so much joy into my life.

I’m thankful for my wonderful parents and the opportunities I’ve had in Taiwan to learn about my family’s history and cultural heritage. It’s interesting — the more I learn about how different my parents’ lives were from mine growing up, the closer we become. In looking back at what they have accomplished, and seeing the tragedies and setbacks that members of my family have overcome, I learn how to appreciate my own privilege and face up to the challenges in my life. My parents are the kindest, wisest, most humanistic people I know and their faith in me is both gratifying and humbling. I’m grateful for that, and the fact that they both have awesome hair genes. Thanks Mom and Dad!

My husband is my best friend and he loves cats as much as I do. What more can I ask for? Actually, I do have more that I can ask for. When gay people are no longer prevented from marrying, then my marriage will become more meaningful. When a loving couple is denied the right to marry for completely arbitrary reasons, it trivializes the very concept of marriage. I look forward to the day when that is no longer the case.

I’m grateful that my last trip home was before the Great Junk Touching Fiasco launched and my various parts are safe (for now) from the overzealous attentions of TSA policies. I’m grateful for my friends, my job, the neighborhood I live in (I’m within walking distance of five handmade chocolate shops and three yarn stores!) and all the opportunities I’ve had, especially during the last decade. I’m grateful for my health, both physical and emotional. Things haven’t always been this smooth and I never take a moment of happiness or peace for granted. My life has been divided among three places — the south Bay Area, New York City and Taiwan — and while that means I constantly miss one place or another (and my loved ones there), I’m glad I have little pieces of my heart spread out all over the globe like satellites.

And a big thanks to everyone who reads my blog! Thanks for letting me share a bit of my life with you (along with a gazillion photos of Taroko George)!

ETA: I should add that even though I like joining together with many of my friends and family for a day of thanksgiving (the verb), I feel that as an American I should be mindful of how Thanksgiving (the holiday) originated. Jenny at Fashion for Writers has an excellent post on the subject.