oting in the Taiwan Best Blog Awards continues until Dec. 21, so you still have plenty of time to vote for my blog… and lend your support to the following cool sites. If I am one of your readers and you don’t see your blog listed, please don’t feel bad! I’ve only included blogs that are participating in the contest this time around and I apologize in advance if I’ve accidentally left anyone off my list!

Wandering Taiwan — Whenever I see Micki and Kristen’s travel blog pop up on my RSS feed, I know I am in for a treat. Everything about Wandering Taiwan is amazing, from the photography and writing (in English and Chinese) to the places the two of them visit. I enjoyed reading about their trips to see Yuanli grass weaving (苑裡藺草產業) in Miaoli and the “Gods’ Garment Embroidery Factory” in Chiayi county. Vote for Wandering Taiwan here.

The Daily Bubble Tea — Todd is a great photographer with an eye for little details that might seem too quotidian to take note of… but that really contribute to the flavor of a neighborhood. And he and his wife just had a baby! Vote for The Daily Bubble Tea here.

Jar of Buttons — Jar of Buttons posts information about cool vintage stores and flea markets, cafes and shops in Taichung City. Vote for Jar of Buttons here.

Teeny Tiny Cupcakes — I just discovered Teeny Tiny Cupcakes on the Taiwanderful blog directory. It’s another great blog about life in Taichung City. Vote for Teeny Tiny Cupcakes here.

David on Formosa — David has consistently thoughtful, informative posts on social justice and environmental issues. He’s not eligible for the Taiwan Best Blog awards because he’s one of its organizers. Thanks for all the hard work, David!

24°09′N 120°40′E — Another blog I discovered while browsing the Taiwanderful directory. It is written by a Taichung-based couple and has really gorgeous photos. Check out pics from their visit to Rainbow Village! Vote for 24°09′N 120°40′E here.

My Several Worlds — Carrie posts inspiring interviews with expats who are doing really cool things and her photography articles are extremely helpful. Vote for My Several Worlds here.

A Hungry Girl’s Guide to Taipei — Oh Hungry Girl… if only I had thought of checking your blog before eating the worst chicken tikka ever (seriously, it was so salty my throat was parched for a day afterward). Joan’s blog is very popular for a reason: its list of restaurants is encyclopedic and she always gives an honest opinion. Vote for Hungry Girl here.

Craig Ferguson Images — I have learned a lot about photography from Craig’s site. His series of articles on lighting is especially helpful. Vote for Craig Ferguson Images here.