I‘ve lived in Taiwan for three years and I still find the whole concept of cuteness (可愛) a little bit confusing at times. One the one hand, I’m a grown woman who collects Blythe dolls, Japanese miniatures and owns a doll house. I definitely understand the allure of little things with big heads and big eyes. On the other hand, the above ad (I’ve seen others from the same series on posters around Taipei) confuses the heck out of me. For one thing, those Pullip dolls look way too calm considering that they are running with a maxipad in hand, which means that they must have had an accident. I assume they live together in a dorm or something because their periods are in sync. And don’t those pads look a little too big for them? It’d be the equivalent of a human jamming a pillow down her knickers!

This is probably the second most memorable feminine hygiene product ad I’ve seen in Taiwan. The first one was for some sort of spray or wash. It showed an uncomfortable-looking woman looking meaningfully at a stack of bamboo steamers. The caption said like “Feeling humid? Reach for a refreshing spritz!” or something stupid like that. It’s amazing what corporations will do to convince women to slather their nether regions in fragrances and chemicals. I don’t have a picture of that ad because I didn’t have a camera on me. That is probably just as well.

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