Yvan Rodic signs his book

On Christmas Eve, I interviewed Yvan Rodic, the creator of Facehunter, one of the first and best-known street style blogs. Rodic was in Taipei as part of his book tour. For style photos he took during his visit, click here and here, or check out his travel photos.



The book signing took place in one of my favorite stores in Taipei City, VVG Something (好樣本事). It is run by the same group responsible for sugar palace VVG Bon Bon (好樣棒棒), restaurants VVG Table (好樣餐桌) and VVG Bistro (好樣餐廳) and bed and breakfast VVB BB&B.

Books on food

VVG Something highlights a different theme each month. The current one is cookbooks from Japan, England and France.

Box of vegetables

The store also carrys items hand-selected from around the world. I like how quirky the VVG team’s tastes are. You have everything from a tiny porcelain teapot sporting its own cherry red hand-knitted cozy to mailboxes from the US to Pelikan erasers from Germany. Even the paper cups they served mulled wine in at Rodic’s book signing seemed special (then again, anything with mulled wine in it is special).

Those jockeys look tired
Marcel Dzama's book
Flipping through the Facehunter book
The glass army
Tin toys
Kettle cozy
Vintage shaved ice machine
Flagged for perusal

Porcelain seahorse
My cup of mulled wine
I can't tell a lie
Vintage scales

For more information about VVG Something, take a look at their blog or this article I wrote about the store when it opened last year. They are located at 13, Alley 40, Ln 181, Zhongxiao E Rd Sec 4, Taipei City (台北市忠孝東路四段181巷40弄13號), tel: (02) 2773-1358. For pictures of VVG Bon Bon, see my post about them.

(By the way, we recently got a faster Internet connection and I am celebrating by posting bigger photos on my blog. If the images blow up your browser, though, please let me know).