A few months ago, Ron and I saw dogs of all sizes and breeds pouring out of the Taipei World Trade Center (台北世界貿易中心). It was a pet expo and I could not believe I had missed it. It became my dream to attend a similar event armed with my camera and a bucket of flank steak.

Last Caturday, I got my chance when I went to the 2011 Taipei Pet Carnival (台北寵物跨年嘉年華). I didn’t bring a bucket of steak, but I did bring my camera and my reporting notebook, which was eaten by a husky seconds after my final interview of the day. I’m kidding, it wasn’t. Most of the animals there were dogs, but there were also some bunny rabbits and unusually well-behaved cats.

A third of the 90 organizations that attended the carnival were animal advocacy groups, including several fostering animals in need of new homes. For information about some of these organizations and more info about the festival, please see my article for the Taipei Times. I have a soft spot for rescue animals because we plucked Taroko George off the street. I hope you’ve been checking out his blog, I Am Famous Celebrity Internet Cat. His latest post is about how he does not sit like a human.

Hot dogs!
The Pet Head by Bed Head Tigi model
Bunny rabbit
Skal, an Animals Taiwan rescue
Skal is available for adoption from Animals Taiwan

A bundle of joy
Shy Violet
Why, hello!
Lizard cat
Lining up for the paparazzi

An Akita
Side eye from an ewok