Taroko George is slightly myopic

This is my cat Taroko George. You probably know him as Famous Celebrity Internet Cat. Now he is even more famous on the Internet because his photo appears in several scenes of the latest Next Media Animation (better known in the US as “the Taiwanese animators”)!

The video takes a look the owner of I Can Has Cheezburger and its sister sites, which recently got $30 million in venture capital funding. It also takes a satirical look at complaints about I Can Has Cheezburger head Ben Huh getting rich off of unpaid user-generated content, appropriating memes without giving proper credit and his attempt to purchase Reddit.

George himself is not a fan of the LOLcats meme. As he explains in his latest post, the LOLcats phenomenon is a construct created by humanoid privilege to objectify and belittle cats. I told George perhaps he should consider getting a sense of humor, but then he scratched the soft part of my hand, spilling blood everywhere.