Daniel Castelaz

Marooned at home over Lunar New Year with nothing to do but plan your next trip to Mos Burger? My husband is recovering from a broken leg, so that sums up our plans. Fortunately, you can pass the time by reading my clips from 2010! I’m not very good at posting my articles on this blog as they come out and I only update my professional Web site once in a while. To make up for that, here is a collection of my favorite stories from the last year (I’m also saving a few more for later that I want to post with photos). The below list features Q&A’s with travel host Janet Hsieh (謝怡芬) and performance artist Mr. Eyeball, a article about White Wabbit, one of Taiwan’s top indie labels, and a profile of famous nature writer Liu Ka-shiang (劉克襄).

The first article on the list is about an exhibit that runs until tomorrow, Jan. 30. The above photo is from one of Dan Castelaz’s sculptures. I highly recommend it. The exhibit, “True to Life,” is at the Wistaria Tea House, which has a rich history and is located in a 100-year-old building.


Daniel Castelaz

Thinking inside the box
Jan 26, 2011

Made from found objects, artist Daniel Castelaz’s sculptures contain secrets based on literary references or personal experiences

Jack Doherty pottery

Accidentally on purpose
Dec 1, 2010

Ceramicist Jack Doherty uses trial and error to hone his technique down to the barest essentials

Por Que Base
A cyanotype print I made in a Por Que Base class

Photo opportunities
Jan 28, 2010

Por Que Base offers workshops in alternative photographic processes — as well a chance for students to take a deeper look at the images they have created


High tech fashion

In their right minds
Nov 17, 2010

The first Taiwan International Cultural and Creative Industry Expo provided a wide variety of brands — ranging from fashion houses to tea manufacturers — the opportunity to put their products on the map

Streetside fruit

The concrete fruit bowl
Sept 30, 2010

Writer Liu Ka-shiang has a passion for the environment and an eye on nature’s bounty

A House A Cappella Cafe

On a high note
Sep 15, 2010

A House cafe is the first performance venue in Taiwan dedicated to a cappella music

White Wabbit

Down the Wabbit hole
Jan 20, 2010

Thanks to its founder’s marketing acumen and attention to customers’ shifting tastes, White Wabbit Records has come a long way from its roots in a converted men’s restroom to become one of the country’s top indie music labels


Ellen Wu

Weaving Taiwanese history
Aug 25, 2010

Ellen Wu’s two best-selling books trace the history of Taiwan floral cloth, a textile with a special place in this country’s culture

Aoki Yuka

Offbeat Taiwan
March 30, 2010

Best-selling author Aoki Yuka’s travel writing and cultural observations about Taiwan combine a satirical approach with her genuine affection for this country

Janet takes off
Aug 26, 2010

She’s an MIT graduate and former model who once planned to become a doctor, but globe-trotting television show host Janet Hsieh remains appealingly down to earth

Mr Eyeball

Eye wide open
March 18, 2010

Multi-genre artist Mr Eyeball aims to help people answer their everyday existential dilemmas

Engineering fashion
Jan 21, 2010

Goji Lin studied to be a mechanical engineer, but is now one of Taiwan’s most famous fashion designers, known for his over-the-top — but still sexy — creations