Bye-bye life!

I think one of the things that people who did not grow up in a culture that values cuteness forget is that the “cuteness” is often mixed with equal amounts of darkness (like Disney movies, but evil on purpose). I think once you understand that, things like sanitary napkin advertisements featuring big-headed dolls and peppy cartoons warning against needle sharing make a lot more sense. Or not. Take the traffic safety announcement above, for example. Look at the adorable little roly-poly cars, the bright primary colors, the… wait a second… what does that caption say?

“Cross double solid lines, life says goodbye
開車跨雙黃白,人生出界Say Goodbye”

And there are even little angel wings and a halo at the end of the Chinese lettering. I saw this ad while sitting in the back of a cab on Renai Rd. It made me very, very scared. I wonder what would have happened if I had screamed at the driver, “開車跨雙黃白,人生出界Say Bye Bye!”

In other news, my Lunar New Year was uneventful. My grandma is in Taiwan (in Kaohsiung with my relatives, to be exact) and we’re planning to go down and visit her after Ron gets his cast removed (he broke his leg a few weeks ago, not from crossing double solid lines). My repetitive stress injury flared up again last week, so I went to see an orthopedic surgeon today and got some light physical therapy. In between Ron having to get used to walking on two feet again and the medicated patch and brace on my wrist, I’m sure my 80-year-old grandma will be running circles around us when we see her. We actually met up last week and my grandma told me all sorts of cool things about how the neighborhood around Shida has changed. I’ll be sure to share them in another post soon. 1950s Taipei was so different, it was like living in a completely different city… one without freaky traffic safety reminders. But I digress. I hope everyone had a great LNY holiday!