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Are you a fan of Taiwan’s design scene? Then you might find my new site 愛 Taiwan Design helpful! I hope it will give people in English-speaking countries (and, of course, expats in Taiwan) a chance to scope out some of the lovely things that are being created in this beautiful country. Taiwan is known for its technological prowess, but it is also home to a bevy of designers and artists who are quickly earning international recognition. From talking to people in different design professions for my job, I know that they often feel overshadowed by the emphasis on science and technology here, both in school and as they pursued their careers, but I think that is gradually changing. 愛 Taiwan Design will feature styles ranging from cute to conceptual and everything from textile design to new media art. Feel free to let me know your favorite designers, labels or artists! Also, if you have a Web site, please consider linking to the blog as 愛 Taiwan Design or Eye Taiwan Design.

And, yes, I love dorky interlingual puns. 愛 Taiwan Design. Eye Taiwan Design. Eye on Taiwan Design. Heh heh heh.