Tendonitis is fun!

At least the tape is pretty
What’s even better than shocking pink kinesiology tape that matches my favorite Nars lipstick? Not having freaking tendonitis in both wrists!

Remember the wrist pain I mentioned a few entries back? Turns out it’s not a sprain, it’s tendonitis! And I have it in both wrists! I am going to a physical therapy clinic that also specializes in pediatric care, which means they know how to deal with me. The way PT works in Taiwan under the national health care program is that for every visit with the doctor (and the examination fee of about NT$200), you get six PT sessions. Each one is NT$50 and after your six are up, you have to see the doctor and pay the exam fee again. I pay an extra NT$60 per wrist for the kinesiology tape, which lasts about two days.

As an American accustomed to dealing with US health care, the cost of my PT is so low that my mind is whirling and while I am personally thrilled (and also very glad to live in a country with universal health care), I also worry about NHI becoming financially overstretched. I can’t really write anymore about it right now, though. Apparently I type too fast (99 wpm) and I hit the keyboard too hard. At least the tape is pretty (I have a lipstick that matches it).