Le Magasin du Ciel(現在夢中 ● 雜貨商行)

My last post featured kinesiology tape from Japan… and this post features washi tape from Japan! Japanese “washi” tape is usually used by scrapbookers and paper crafters, but Heaven Tai (戴海雯) layers, pleats and braids it to create appliques and badges that embellish bags hand-sewn from a mix of new fabrics found in Yongle Fabric Market (永樂市場) and vintage cloth. I love her offbeat aesthetic — it’s quiet, childlike, wacky and zany at the same time. I also love washi tape (I use it for everything from photo albums to fixing our Internet wires to taping up sofa corners to keep Taroko George from using them as a scratching post), but never thought of using it on cloth before. My article today tells how Tai went from a graphic designer to the sole designer and proprietor of her store, Le Magasin du Ciel (現在夢中 ● 雜貨商行) near Shida night market.

The store is at 78, Yunhe St, Taipei City (台北市雲和街78, near Shida night market), open 3pm to 10pm, Tuesdays are off. Contact: heaventai@gmail.com (she checks her e-mail often). Heaven’s blog is at tw.myblog.yahoo.com/heaven-shop