As I mentioned a few weeks ago, I developed tendinitis in both my wrists just before Lunar New Year. Since then, a lot of my free time has been spent going to physical therapy, making my work space more ergonomic and brainstorming ways to get things done without using my hands too much.

A couple days ago, I stopped banging my head against the wall long enough to buy Dragon Dictate for Mac, which I am using to “write” most of this entry. It’s accurate and does a fairly good job of deciphering my Californian accent, but I think it will take a while for me to get used to it. This is in large part because the software does not seem to recognize a lot of my favorite swear words.

It’s also very distracting trying to monitor what appears on screen while I’m dictating, while simultaneously making sure I compose something coherent (I ramble a lot when I talk and it is hard to avoid the temptation to do that while dictating). It makes me feel like all the signals in my brain are criss-crossing each other and getting tangled up. David Pogue gave Dragon Dictate a very good review on the New York Times, in which he declared he would be dictating e-mails from then on with an ice-cold lemonade in one hand and yo-yo in the other. I trust Pogue’s opinion, so that’s encouraging (though with tendinitis I doubt I’ll be playing with yo-yos anytime soon).

Hopefully it will help give me my blogging mojo back. My wrists feel okay if I let them rest for a day or so, but then the swelling in my tendons flares back up again when I type, so I try to stay away from writing unless it’s for my job. Sometimes they make a weird clicking noise when I rotate my hands from side to side. Did you know that there is a term for that? It’s called crepitus. Yeck, what a creepy, suitably unpleasant sounding word.