From now on I will only have the short version of my RSS feed enabled, because I found out that, once again, someone is stealing my blog content and re-posting it onto his/her Web site in a hopefully futile attempt to raise ad revenue. I resisted doing this for a long time because I want people to enjoy the convenience of reading my blog without having to leave their RSS reader. I am sorry that certain people [link removed because I don’t want to send them anymore traffic] have finally forced me to change my mind about that. The final straw was that they were accidentally linked to on a Facebook page with a fairly large follower base that I wished had been directed to my blog (since I did, you know, write the content and take the photos and all). If you want to help me get my stolen content removed, please send an e-mail to, the address listed at the top of the site. (Content removed. Thanks, guy. Try not to do it again.)

Autoblogs jack my RSS feed on a fairly regular basis. I have no idea what search terms they use to find me and, obviously, I have no control over what my posts are slapped next to on these sites. I do not want my journalism clips or family photos ending up next to soft core porn. I mean, as a cat mommy, nothing hurts my delicate heart more than seeing my darling, innocent Taroko George’s kitten photos next to some lady in a white string bikini bending over and spraying herself with a hose. It would be one thing if these Web sites were so obscure that they got zero hits, but, as I found out, that is not the case. If any of you have dealt with this problem on your blogs before, I’m certainly open to advice.

In the meantime, I promise I will make the first 400 characters of each post so scintillating, so fascinating, so provocative, that it will set your RSS feeder on fire (pronounced: fiiiiiiieeee-yah!).