101 Shots of Taipei at Good Cho's

After living in Taipei for almost four years, I’ve developed a cozy routine. Many things about the city that seemed surprising, odd and delightful when I first moved here are now part of my day-to-day landscape. Taipei is home, but I often take it for granted. Looking at the photos in “101 Shots of Taipei,” which is on at Good Cho’s in Xinyi District until this Sunday, really helped rekindle my joy in the small details of life here. Photographers Kenya Nagamine and Dicky Chalmers gave themselves a challenge: create 101 photos, each with a numeral in them, that represent aspects of Taipei using four vintage twin-lens reflex cameras, which are also on display at Good Cho’s. I highly recommend this exhibit if you are new to Taipei or have visitors, because it really portrays the different, contrasting facets of the city. You’ll see  photos that show things like dragon boats, KTV, Taiwan Beer bottles, election posters and night market games in fresh and unexpected ways. There are also shots that capture quieter moments — a park bench in the golden light of the early evening, a secondhand bookstore with framed calligraphy carefully displayed on crowded shelves, a man carefully painting a curb line by hand.

For more information about the exhibit, please see my article for the Taipei Times. My March story about Good Cho’s is at this link.