Guess who I am for Halloween!

Happy Halloween! Guess who I am “dressed up” as. Reading Steve Jobs’ biography is like reading a history of my hometown. When I read that Jobs used to do LSD in the wheat fields outside of Sunnyvale, my heart fluttered a bit because I spent the first seven years of my life in that little city. I also had no idea that the high school my Saturday Morning Chinese School (that wasn’t its real name, that is what we called it because it took place from 7am to 9am each Saturday morning) used as its venue was designed by a prison architect! Well, that certainly explains a lot.

My Halloween weekend was very low key and I had to miss Taiwan Pride because I am on antibiotics and painkillers. Again! This time it’s for a gum infection. Fortunately, I go to MetDent, a wonderful clinic run by two dentists who went to the New York University School of Dentistry and their extremely patient and professional staff. Their waiting room is filled with posters from the NYC subway system. I never thought that seeing any imagery produced by the MTA would fill me with warm and fuzzy feelings, but I guess I’ve been away from NYC long enough to forgive them for all the many hours I spent standing on the N/W/R platform, counting rats as I waited for the freakin’ train to Astoria to finally arrive. I highly recommend MetDent’s dentists for the quality of their work and their ability to handle my neurosis (“Will it hurt? How much will it hurt? Will it hurt afterward? Will the anesthetic shot hurt? How much will it hurt? How long before the anesthetic works? How long will my gum be numb? Will I be able to eat afterward? How deep are you going to poke that instrument? What is that thing for again? Will it hurt? How do you define ‘hurt’?”).

My zombie nails  

Speaking of blood, last week I gave myself zombie nails with a Sally Hansen nail art pen from my friend Lauren. Ron brought it back for me from a recent business trip to the US. I haven’t seen nail art pens in Taipei so far except on auction sites for ridiculous prices — if you know where to buy them, please let me know. I’ve seen similar nail art where the blood drips from the tip, but my inspiration was the myth that nails and hair continue to grow after someone dies. I figured that if I were a zombie and my nails started to grow again once my corpse had been reanimated, my decaying cuticles would probably start leaking blood and other bodily fluids. George was not impressed.
Happy Halloween!