Giraffe toys 
Vintage or retro-inspired things have become a lot easier to find in Taipei City over the last few years, with stores like Mooi Trouve, Uncle Jack’s and VVG Something selling offbeat goods sourced from flea markets in the US and Europe. The owners of Fun Fun Town also sell secondhand items from abroad and its brands include a roster of names familiar to design geeks (such as Kristian Vedel and Finn Juhl), but the store differentiates itself with a sense of playfulness. A lot of its products, like wooden spherical music boxes, are meant to be played with, handled and tossed around (except for the vintage glassware… don’t toss the vintage glassware!).
The store is located in leafy Minsheng Community (台北市民生社區), one of my favorite neighborhoods in Taipei City. I always want to take photos of its shady, tree-lined streets, but it has been cloudy and wet every time I’ve been in the area recently. Minsheng Community is a popular place for design studios and it is easy to see why. Here is more information about its planning.
For more information about the store, please see my article for the Taipei Times or click here to see more photos after the jump.
Lucky seven dolls 

Lucky Seven (小七福) dolls. I’ve seen individual dolls for sale in secondhand shops, but never knew they were part of a set of seven. 

Roost decanters 

Mozartkugel music boxes
Mozartkugel music boxes, named after the Austrian bonbonVintage ink wells from Kyoto
Ink bottles found in a secondhand store near Kyoto University

Reproduction Edison lampbulb
Reproduction Edison lightbulb from Ferrowatt. I had no idea there was a company that specialized in making accurate reproductions of antique lightbulbs.
Date nails
Date nails used by American railroad companies
My Favorite Things lamp 
A lamp by Chen Karlsson 
Vintage folding chairs for kids

Kristian Vedel ducks
Ducks by Danish designer Kristian Vedel

Bottle for dried fish flakes
Vintage glass bottle used in Taiwan to hold dried fish flakes

Vintage brass ducks


Roost tape measure
Tape measure by Roost Co.
Taiwanese jadeite tableware
Jadeite tableware used in Taiwan