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That awkward moment when you realize someone is reading over your shoulder, but you can’t turn around and tell them to go away because you’re a statue.

‘m afraid I’ve been very delinquent in posting about Taiwanderful’s Best Taiwan Blog Awards this year. My husband took a few days off from work this month and I decided I would also take a brief vacation so we could spend as much time as possible together silently holding hands and staring at our cat. Voting ends tomorrow (Dec. 30), but I’d like to take the chance to introduce some blogs that I’ve really enjoyed reading over the past year. (For more great blogs, check out the list I compiled last year).

[Insert suitably snappy title here…] : Kath is currently working toward her Master’s degree in literature and her posts about books are consistently well-written and thoughtful. She also posts occasional entries about expat life — her post about defining “home” after living abroad really resonated with me.

Eva Everest : Mathilde’s blog is written in French with some English and Chinese, but no matter what language you read, you can enjoy the beauty of her photos and illustrations.

My Neon Sign Lullaby : Eileen lives in the US, but is preparing to move to Taiwan, her husband’s birthplace. I wish I had kept a detailed journal during the months I spent getting ready to leave New York City for Taipei, because the process of getting here was just as complicated and life-changing as the process of settling in. If you are thinking of moving abroad or have already started your planning, you’ll find a lot to relate to in My Neon Sign Lullaby.
Tainan City Guide : This blog is just amazing. Karl writes about everything from tiny cafes to Tainan’s major tourist attractions, with gorgeous photos and detailed information. Tainan is my second favorite city in Taiwan and I love visiting Tainan City Guide for the eye candy.

Taiwanxifu : Serina’s wonderful food blog covers restaurants in Taipei and also includes mouthwatering recipes. Check out her recent entry on stir-fried eggs and onions inspired by reading Tsai Ying-wen’s autobiography.

US Taiwan Defense Command : I enjoy learning about daily life in Taiwan during the 1950s-1970s and this blog, which features photos taken by American soldiers stationed here, gives me a new angle to explore.

Taiwan Duck : A fantastic blog about Taiwanese cooking, with lots of mesmerizing food photos.

Vagabond in Taiwan : Adrienne’s photos capture the beauty of things like shop signs or a cluster of abandoned bottles and make me want to re-explore some Taipei neighborhoods I had begun to take to granted.

As a bonus, reader Jarrett recently let me know about this cool video he made. Watch and see how many places you recognize!

Day in Taipei from Jarret Leong on Vimeo.