With my mother and brother, Sun Yat-sen Memorial, 1990

Happy birthday to my beautiful mother! Before my wedding, my Mom scanned in all our family photos and gave me a USB with every file sorted by year, occasion and date. I’ve been browsing through snapshots of our trips to Taiwan when my brother and I were little before my paternal grandparents immigrated to the US. We had some fun times.


In 1988, we met a monkey at the Chiang Kai-shek Memorial.


In 1990, we visited “Little People Kingdom” (小人國, Note: don’t click on the Web site unless you enjoy getting your eardrums blasted with the most annoying music! It’s there for your reference only… AHHHH, my ears!). It is a Taoyuan theme park filled with miniatures of landmarks from around the world.


That same year, my parents took us to their Tainan alma mater, National Chengkung University (國立成功大學), where I evidently experienced a fit of narcolepsy.

We made our last family trip to Taiwan in 1992, but since I moved here in 2007, my parents have visited regularly. On one of those trips, I was kidding around with my Mom and she said, “我在你眼中從來都沒normal” (I’ve never been normal in your eyes”).

Well, of course you are not normal, Mom! You are extraordinary! I love you…


… and I want everything in this photo if you still have it, especially your vest and my poncho.

Happy birthday!