Street art 
Last week, I stumbled upon three women with their smartphones in the air, all intently taking photos of the tree in the second photo above. The next day, I walked past the same spot and there was another small crowd in front of it. Of course, I got jealous of everyone and had to stop, too, even though my husband and I were on our way to a late lunch and he was really hungry. If you read blogs about Taiwan or keep up with other local Instagram users, I’m sure you’ve scrolled through plenty of photos of blossoms — but after the long, cloudy winter, it is wonderful to see any signs of spring. Now it would be nice if the sun would come out for more than one day at a time. Effin’ sun.
Want to meet up with other Instagram users? Instameet Taipei takes place tomorrow (Sunday) in Da-an Forest Park. I’ll be there, but please don’t let that scare you away. For more information, click here.
 George ears
When the weather is cold, George likes to burrow under our down comforters. Every time I sit on the bed, I have to first do a sweep with my hands, otherwise I might squash a cat.
Watercolor painting
There are several frame shops near where I live. This one often sets watercolor and ink paintings outside to straighten before they are framed. I was really tempted to run off with this one, but I didn’t because this store also happens to be right across the street from a police station.
George the loaf
I often feel guilty that I own so many craft supplies, but so few finished crafts. But it’s not all my fault. George really enjoys impeding the progress of my projects. When I actually finish something, he gnaws on it. One day I am going to DIY a little cat muzzle and then he’ll be sorry. Muhaha.
Parking lot flowers
Pretty flowers I saw in a parking lot.
Street sign
I love the headgear that the figure in this street sign is sporting. Oooooh, look, s/he’s also wearing a face mask!
Laptop hog 
Laptop hog.