Taipei Mosque

I promise that I’m not going to turn my blog into a Instagram-dump… but I love that little app! I like being able to browse my friends’ photos, the editing function is fun to use and the #cat tag always has the cutest kitty portraits to explore. The other day I asked Ron what filter I should apply to a photo and he said, “Why not just use normal?” Shhh, Ron, shhh…

These photos are from last week’s Instameet. There were only three attendees (Ron, James and me), but that was fine. You know what they say: three’s a crowd and four’s an angry mob. I’m kidding, I made that up (but that is how the mind of an introvert works). We visited the Taipei Mosque (above), Da-An Forest Park (大安森林公園), the weekend jade and flower market (建國假日玉花市) and Huashan 1914 (華山1914).

Da-An Forest Park playground

Gears at a playground in Da’an Forest Park. Look, these are all in Google colors! While Ron and I were in journalism school, our new media class took a trip to Google’s New York City headquarters. I ashamed I don’t remember anything from that outing except for the impressive cafeteria and all the free Red Bull I drank. Back then I was like “ooooooh, look at all these employee perks!” Now I know that Google just doesn’t want its employees to leave the office. Brilliant!


At the flower market I saw this profoundly disturbing cacti army. They reminded me that I need to buy some googly eyes and start eye-bombing the heck out of Taipei City.


I have a black thumb and every houseplant I have ever tried to keep has died a horrible death. The seeds in these packets sensed my evil and I heard tiny, muffled screams as they freaked out like the baboons in “The Omen.”

Sea of flowers

These flowers also started crying in horror when I walked near them.

Gems at the Jade Market

When I was little, I had a picture book about a princess who ran away from her castle because she wanted to find the most beautiful jewels in the world. After a string of misadventures, she ended up stranded on top of a mountain. The son of the North Wind found her sobbing, fell in love with her and froze her tears into a string of beautiful gems.

Union Jacks at Huashan 1914

There was a UK study abroad fair at Huashan 1914. A vendor was selling “English-style hot dogs.” Ha! I was going to make a joke about English food… but the thing is, I like English food. Mmm, mushy peas.

Cuttlefish man

I also like seafood.

On our way to Huashan 1914, I looked into the window of a Mr. Brown Coffee and saw a group of women knitting. I was so excited, but I did not take a photo because I did not want to look creepy. Seriously, if there is one thing I want to be remembered as, it is “not creepy.” But did you know if you search the #knitting tag on Instagram, pictures of chicks knitting turn up? Score!

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