Charm bracelet 

Last week I had a bad toothache. I went to the dentist today hoping that it was just a gum inflammation, but it turns out that one of my fillings cracked and the cavity deepened so much that I need a root canal. My dentist reassured me that the pain would be no worse than having my wisdom teeth pulled. Oddly enough, that did not make me feel better. I don’t know if people do this in other countries, but in the US root canals are seen as the worst thing possible. People say stuff like “I’d rather get audited than get a root canal!” or “My c-section hurt less than a root canal!” or “That jerk! I’d rather have a root canal than talk to him!” My dentist got his DDS at NYU and I wanted to ask him if he’d ever heard that particular idiom, but I figured it would be better to stay focused and just ask questions about the procedure itself. Ugh. BOOOOOHOOOHOOOHOOO WAAAAHHHHH!!!