This edition of Weekend Market is inspired by the sunny days we’ve been enjoying in Taipei, which makes everything seem so much more vibrant and alive. I don’t believe in sticking to a particular color palette just because it’s a certain season, but I do gravitate toward bright colors a lot more during summer than I do during the winter. I love jewelry designer Serena Chen‘s new line of leather and sterling silver jewelry, called the Natural Breeze Garden Collection.

Serena Chen

Serena studied metalworking at Konstfack in Stockholm and her jewelry is inspired by the strong lines and clear colors of Swedish design. I profiled her in August 2011.


Chez L’Artiste‘s shoes combine vintage-inspired styles with eye-catching colors and offbeat combinations of leather, suede and metal accents. I wrote about their Shida store in February 2011.


I like the fuchsia of M+T Design Studio‘s notebook cover because it reminds me of the colors in Taiwan floral cloth (台灣花布).


Loopy is a T-shirt design company with a sense of humor. Triangles and other simple shapes are in fashion now, but I’m also partial to their cow print.


More triangles! Agaric Garden‘s choker is a cool twist on bunting necklaces.

I like the tiny bit of sea blue hand-stitching Shiu‘s used to accent its neon yellow leather clutch.


Bug-Eyed‘s prints pay tribute to Taiwan’s diverse insect inhabitants. I love how this scarf’s rhinoceros beetle pattern looks like a vintage specimen illustration.

I hope you have a great weekend and don’t forget your SPF 70 sunscreen, parasol, sunglasses, visor and elbow-length arm covers!

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