Two of my favorite bloggers are Susannah Conway and Katrina Tan. Susannah’s thoughtful journaling prompts and beautiful, evocative Polaroid photos are a constant source of inspiration for me, while Katrina’s generous tutorials on Pugly Pixel have taught me a lot about blog and graphic design. I’m really happy to be able to participate in something that both of them are involved in: the August Break, which Susannah launched to encourage bloggers to have fun taking and sharing photos. Katrina designed this year’s great logo. I really love the colors and font.


It’s a typhoon day in Taipei today (everyone in the path of Saola, please keep safe!). I was supposed to go to two events, but both were canceled. I’ve just been catching up on work, while George has been catching up on his beauty sleep. Goodness knows, he’s only been getting 15 hours a day lately instead of his usual 22, so I’m glad to know my cat will be well-rested again. This photo reminds me that I need to clip his claws. I always have to wait until George is asleep and of course he wakes up at the first cut, so I usually only manage to clip two to three claws per session. It’s amazing how strong a 4.6 kg cat can be when he is annoyed. Since most cats have 18 toes, it usually takes me about six days to cycle through all of George’s paws.
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