Double Happiness Moko

Did you know that Qixi Festival (七夕節, AKA “Chinese Valentine’s Day”) falls on August 23 this year? I didn’t—I have a hard time keeping track of anything that goes by the lunar calendar. I remembered that Qixi Festival is coming up because I saw a lot of beautiful items popping up in my Facebook feed inspired by 囍, the character for double happiness. I think the wooden chop set above would be a fantastic wedding gift. It is by Moko (玩木銀家), the studio that created the Taiwan soup spoon I included in the last edition of Weekend Market.

Double Happiness Art Design 64 

I’ve seen a lot of 囍 pendants before, but I’ve shied away from purchasing one because wearing them just screams “HEY EVERYONE I JUST GOT MARRIED!” to me. I do like the idea of turning the character into jewelry, though, and I think 64 Design’s sterling silver necklace is gorgeous. At first glance it looks like a dramatic medallion pendant, but a closer look reveals the 囍’s strokes.
Double Happiness Primary Silver 

Primary Silver (元銀手作) also uses the character in a clever way with their jewelry—from a distance, this piece looks like a mesh ring. Primary Silver is known for its artisans’ extremely high level of craftsmanship—I like how the 囍’s are just as clearly delineated on the interior as they are on the exterior of the ring.

Double Happiness Dosee

One of the things I remember most about wedding planning is the giant mound of paper I had to keep organized: brochures, to-do lists, invitation proofs… If you know someone who is planning their own nuptials, this magnetic double happiness clip by Dosee would be a thoughtful gift.

Double Happiness Mao's

Last but not least, I like Mao’s ceramic bowls because they symbolize to me what marriage is all about—a joining together of two people who bring different characteristics to their partnership, but respect each other as equals. Each bowl has the character for happiness (喜)—a reminder that double happiness is just as much about balance and individuality as it is about being a pair.

Heh, didn’t mean to get all Dr. Phil on you. Have a great weekend!

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