Behold, a bronze sculpture of Open-chan (OPEN小將), 7-Eleven Taiwan’s mascot, and his friend. You know, sometimes I think that in a few thousand years, the only things left in Taipei’s post-apocalyptic ruins will be a City Cafe machine and Taipei 101’s damper. At the beginning of July, I decided to make convenience stores its own category in my budget-tracking app. Since the main reason I pop into 7-Elevens is to buy bottled drinks and snacks, I figured that this would be a good way to lower my spending and eat healthier. Instead of grabbing a Diet Coke, I started brewing mugs of Earl Grey at home for my caffeine fixes. Ron and I expanded our roster of quick dinner recipes and I stocked up on in-season fruit at the grocery store for snacking. It worked—in August, I spent a quarter of what I usually do at 7-Elevens. I feel healthier: I have more energy, shinier teeth and a glossier coat! So I’m sorry Open-chan, but I think I will be visiting 7-Elevens much less from now on (unless they do another Miffy promotion. Oh boy, did I love that Miffy promotion).