Dihua St Lunar New Year 2012 (化街年貨大街)

I am surprised and delighted that I totally didn’t forget this installation of the series I started last month! Last year I did a post about some of my favorite memories from 2011. At first I didn’t want to do a similar post for my 12 on the 12th because I just want to move forward from what has been a very eventful and challenging year. As I looked through my photos, however, I realized that I had a lot of good times that I should remember.

Fortune telling near Longshan Temple (龍山寺地下街算命)

Ai Weiwei's Circle of Animals/Zodiac Heads

We visited Ai Wei-wei’s exhibition “Absent” at the Taipei Fine Arts Museum (臺北市立美術館) in February

Gems at the Jade Market
In March, I joined an Instameet and explored Taipei.
After months of mostly cloudy weather, I was really excited to see the sun in April.
Charm bracelet
I underwent not one, but two root canals in May—with only local anesthetic, as is the custom here in Taiwan (it wasn’t that bad, except for the loud scraping sounds).
In June I visited Sense 30, which builds beautiful vintage-inspired bikes and accessories.
Read, Art by Shen Bo-cheng (沈柏丞 X 讀˙聲字)

Shen Bo-cheng’s (沈柏丞) solo exhibit “Read, Art” (讀˙聲字) enchanted me in July with its interactive pieces inspired by music boxes.

Sneakily rooting around my neigbors’ plants paid off in August when I met this tiny, adorable Earth God.
Daisy Day, Taipei
There was much rejoicing in September when I saw Daisy Day’s selection of ink pads and scrapbooking supplies.
Travel journal with pockets for ephemera
At the end of October, Ron and I finally went on vacation to the US. I kept a travel journal, which basically meant inserting all the bits and pieces at the bottom of my purse into this pocket notebook.
George and George and George and George
November was a month of many Georges. My Mom visited Taiwan for a couple of weeks and spoiled the beast with attention.
And this month might just be the month I treat myself to a ukulele.