Now that the Year of the Dragon is over, I feel like it is finally safe to bid a final farewell to 2012. I was going to write a rant that started with “Last year sucked!” and finished off with “So in conclusion, go eff yourself, Year of the Dragon,” but then I thought about it. Even though 2012 was a challenging year for me (and straight-up horrible for many of the people I care about), it also had its saving graces. I met wonderful people, made professional strides, worked my way through some challenges… and I started using coasters like a real grown-up person. Isn’t that all we can ask for in a year? Besides, years aren’t actually sentient beings, so telling one to go eff itself would be futile.

A lot of people are consulting their Chinese horoscopes right now, but I prefer to consult J.K. Rowling. The snake is the symbol of Slytherin and according to an illuminating essay on MuggleNet, positive attributes of that house include cunning, bravery, resourcefulness, an ability to plan ahead, and Severus Snape:

Typical Slytherins are ambitious, own close and strong friendships, are cunning and have a powerful sense of self-preservation. Self-preservation isn’t bad; it just means that quite like a Ravenclaw, you have the intelligence to know when something is too reckless, unlike a Gryffindor.

The reason why most Slytherins joined Voldemort was because they saw it as an easy way to attain power and they knew how strong Voldemort was, and they also knew being with him was better than against, contributing to the trait of self-preservation. This also means that they may not have the sense to know when something has gone too far. All of the Slytherins left in the battle of Hogwarts because they were self-preserving, not because they were on the side of Voldemort. Not all Slytherins would be Death Eaters, just as not all Gryffindors would support the Order of the Phoenix.

Though I am more of a Ravenclaw fan myself, I hope that your year is filled with the courage to avoid He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named’s temptations, plans that come true, and Alan Rickman’s sexy voice.