This is my second year of participating in Susannah Conway’s The August Break. There’s a list of photo prompts for each day, which makes me happy because it’s like a scavenger hunt. As you’ve probably figured out, today’s theme is circles. The above photo is of my desk lamp–I love how neat my home office looks when only the ceiling is visible.





Our apartment building was built in the 1970s, so I guess it counts as vintage eh? That’s what I like to tell myself when bits of the wooden parquet floor come undone. One feature I do enjoy is the wrought iron medallions on each apartment’s exterior door. I just noticed how dusty ours is, but then again, it just enhances the scrolling.




I see this red bicycle with its attached toddler seat all the time (or am I seeing different, identical red bicycles? Wow, it’s like “Don’t Look Now”!).





I’ve never noticed the duct tape on this sign before, but now I’m dying to go back and peel it off.





A paper money burner–I love the little ingots.




I have no idea what this is, but the inner circle reminds me of sea glass.




Cat croissants.