I was so focused on finding the color yellow for today’s The August Break photo prompt that I didn’t stop to wonder why someone would Velcro a “Caution Wet Floor” sign to a handrail. You know–the handrail that people need to use while walking cautiously up a wet flight of stairs.

In one of the DVD extras for the original version of “The Producers,” Mel Brooks said he likes to use the color yellow in his movies because he thinks of it as the funniest color. When my brother and I were teenagers, we used the Nuprin slogan to describe ourselves: “Little. Yellow. Different.” Turns out, we weren’t the only Asian Americans with a snarky sense or humor doing that.

Almost every public place in Taipei City is crowded on Saturdays. This is how I felt today while browsing for books–the characters literally translate into “don’t get close.” Well, on the banner it said “please don’t get close,” but when the umpteenth stranger has butt-brushed you in Eslite, you end up dispensing with niceties. “Boundaries! Personal space! This is where you end and I begin!”