Since adopting Arya at the beginning of July, I’ve felt guilty about the disparity between George and Arya-inspired crafts in our apartment. The living room is filled with George stuff: two canvas paintings, a framed sketch and one little needle-felted mini-George. In fact, I stopped making George stuff because I’m worried he’ll think I’m obsessed with him, or something.
Arya painting
On a recent Friday evening, I discovered that The Escape Artist now has a second location in Eslite Spectrum (誠品生活), or, as I like to call it, the new new Eslite).

“TAKE MY MONEY!” I screamed, slapping my bank card on the counter. By closing time, I had a portrait of Arya. The painting was a bit rushed because I arrived only two hours before Eslite Spectrum shuts down for the night, and The Escape Artist usually offers four hours per session. Still, I’m pleased with how Arya’s portrait turned out. I always get nervous before starting a sketch or painting because it really could go both ways. When I read about Monkey Jesus, I totally understood how the would-be amateur art restorer felt. She probably began the project with so much confidence, before gradually coming to the horrifying realization that her hands just weren’t translating the image in her head onto the fresco. By the time she could bring herself to admit that Jesus was turning out a lot more simian than she had intended, it was thousands of dollars in damage too late to stop.

Anyway, I somehow managed not to make Arya look like a monkey and she is now represented in the Shu Gallery Of Fine Cat Lady Art.